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IDG was formed in 1975 by a small group of designers that were interested in creating a network that would allow each individual to access the vast resources offered by vendors as well as share information and ideas. A library was created to house samples, catalogs and a meeting space where sales representatives could present their lines to the group.


Over the years the group has grown to 23 designers, each using the membership to further their own business but also to provide support and information to the group.


As a group the designers are valued by manufacturers and vendors as a greater entity with greater buying power. The group also receives special attention and the latest information on what's new from top companies specializing in everything that goes into creating wonderful spaces.


Please contact IDG if you are interested in presenting your line or becoming a member.


Cindy Gorman - President

Jeanette Loretz - First VP

Sue Ross - Second VP

Janine Arietta and Susan Hoffman - Secretary

Debra Ryan - Treasurer

Membership - Erin Crain


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